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Word Recovery Toolbox is a tool for repairing corrupted Microsoft Word and Rich Text files
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22 January 2010

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Word Recovery Toolbox is a tool for repairing corrupted Microsoft Word and Rich Text files. The program extracts text from corrupted and unreadable Microsoft Word files and exports the data to a new Word or text files. Tool can repair doc, docx files.

Pros: Word Recovery Toolbox repairs damaged documents but also templates in Microsoft Word format. And that includes the DOCX and DOTX files from Office 2007. Rich Text Files or the RTF format also is handled by the application. As MS Word is in widespread use a tool like this is really useful. Recovered files lose the format information and the recovered result is presented as a text file or even a Word file without the formatting. Since there is such a large volume of these files floating around whatever can be recovered is a boon. The recovery also can not dig out images and tables too. Text material and links are recovered. In case of serious damage, though, even this information may not be recoverable in parts of a document. Files do get corrupted because of a wide variety of reasons including operator mistake to virus damage. Viruses that attack Word documents are quite widespread.

The user interface is completely wizard-like. You simply choose the file to be recovered and say analyze. The programs asks if you want to recover the file into a text file or saved as a Word file. The original file is not changed in any way. When recovery process is over repaired data will be displayed on the screen, you can check it to make sure the recovery is complete or not. Once the recovery is done, one can take the file to a text editor or the Word to complete the repair through editing and putting in the necessary formatting.

Cons: I probably faced the version 1.0 problem. I had a perfectly good Word file that contained three lists inside rectangular boxes, it could not read and give me anything. On the other hand other files were displayed ok.

Overall it is possibly good, rating is of 2 stars.

Publisher's description

Word Recovery Toolbox can easily repair damaged documents and templates in Microsoft Word format. The program permits to avoid critical data. Actually, Microsoft Office package and Microsoft Word in particular represent a widespread program, that can process any document, for private and corporate use. First of all, Word Recovery Toolbox quickly scans and attempts to recover damaged file, only contents and links will be extracted, without source formatting. When the document is damaged heavily, some parts of your document may be lost without a possibility to be recovered. When recovery process is over, repaired data will be displayed on the screen, you can check it and make sure, that blind spots are absent. After this, registered customers can save recovered data to any document in Microsoft Word format, it is also possible to save it as a plain text file. That's all, you can now open this documents with Microsoft Word text processor, for example, and start working with it. It should be noted, that source file will not be modified during recovery process.
Word Recovery Toolbox will process text files of different formats: documents and templates in Microsoft Word format (supported extensions are: .doc, .docx, .dot, and .dotx) as well as Rich Text files (.rtf format). This program can recover text only, all images, tables and source formatting will be lost. Here are some features of Word Recovery Toolbox:
- This program can recover data from damaged documents and templates in Microsoft Word format, located on damaged removable media (CDs, floppy disks, DVDs, flash drives, etc.);
- Word Recovery Toolbox Word repair tool supports repair docx file, recover Word file and recovery for Word via your local network;
- It is possible to export recovered data to a plain text file or to a file in Microsoft Word format.
Word Recovery Toolbox
Word Recovery Toolbox
Version 1.0.5
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